How many languages were spoken in Australia at the time of European settlement? Claire of Anggarrgoon says 363 or 364, not counting Tasmania, and she should know. Her list is here (an xlsx file, which you can open in Excel or Google Docs [thanks, Sven!]); she says “this is, if I say so myself, a far better list to use than the Ethnologue’s,” and I’m perfectly happy to take her word for it.
I hope all LH readers are having a good holiday season; tomorrow I’ll provide my traditional Xmas Loot Report.


  1. Merry Christmas, Hat. Here’s your prezzie.

  2. Thanks! We listen to the Festival of Lessons and Carols every Christmas Eve morning, so it’s nice to see the place.

  3. Trond Engen says

    Claire Bowern has a blog? Wonderful new world! Thanks.

  4. A wonderful new world since 2004!

  5. O brave new world, that hath such bloggers in it….
    Of course OpenOffice and LibreOffice (Siamese twins but recently separated) can handle .xlsx files too.

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