Take a look at this very attractive timepiece, created by Bob Harris:

I actually just kinda made it for myself as a reminder that the rest of the world is big and has been around a long time, something to keep the current mess in perspective. The characters are in Greek, Arabic, Mandarin, Cherokee, Babylonian, ASL, English, Mayan, Hindi, Roman, Thai, and Ethiopian, in that order.

Thanks to Derryl Murphy for the link!


  1. Michael Farris says

    Very attractive. But unfortunately, you can’t leave a comment without registering, so I’ll mention here that for Thai, he’s not using numerals, but the word “eleven” written out in the Thai alphabet (sib eet). The Thai numerals are rather pleasant to look at (the number one looks like a little spiral) so he might want to change that.

  2. Yes, Very cool indeed.

  3. That is really cool. Wow. Thanks for the link.

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