The heart of things has been silent since the end of last year and has been hibernating since October, but I’m pleased to report that both Jonathon and Renee have chosen the bissextile day to return to the fray. Renee has not one but two new entries, 29th Feb (“I am planning to enjoy Spring while it lasts”) and Komi and Mansi links (just what it says, with special focus on alphabets):

When I lived in Komi ASSR (in Vorkuta) as a child, the only Komi that I heard came from the local Komi radio station. The station and its broadcasts were much ridiculed by the non-Komi population. These broadcasts had about 30% of recently borrowed Russian lexicon, perhaps much more. This was in the late eighties. It’s a pity they didn’t teach Komi in schools, I would love to know it. My mother, too, wanted to learn the language when she moved to Vorkuta; she was told by some embarassed Komi nationals that nobody spoke it in the city.

And Jonathon has a meditation on blogging, drinking, stavrosthewonderchicken’s much-commented-on recent blogrant, and his finally managing to escape the trap of kankei ga nai (‘that’s nothing to do with me’) and reconnect with “this thing we were all in love with.”

Addendum. PF points out in the comments that Cinderella Bloggerfeller has returned as well, under the guise of February 30. Good things come in threes.

Welcome back, both all of you; you’ve been missed!


  1. Actually, was the way that I discovered your site, LH. Damn lucky I did, too, because I must’ve put the evil eye on her, and she closed up shop shortly thereafter. I’ve no idea, though, where I found out about Thus your weblog-linking genealogy is incomplete (in the mind of one reader).

  2. You probably know, but maybe your readers don’t, that Cinderella Bloggerfeller‘s also back, writing under the new name february 30, and that it’s promised that the majority of the posts will be my maunderings on abtruse cultural, historical and linguistic topics which is after all what I liked best, personally. There are also a few sock puppet blogs, and of these, The Blogmenbashi and Gimmie Tenure cracked me up.
    On preview: dern, it deleted my rollover titles. Well, frick it.

  3. Nathaniel: What weblog-linking genealogy?
    PF: In the immortal words of Johnny Carson, I did not know that! Many thanks for the heads-up.

  4. Oh, and rollovers don’t work in comments. Sorry about that.

  5. It’s sort of like an individual apostolic succession (though there are no apostles and Jesus analogies I can think of). It was more of a joke. For every reader of a site there is a path to a site. In your case I can remember that I saw the link or your name in one of the comments at Unfortunately, I cannot recall how I heard of Thus your “genealogy” is incomplete. Though for some people finding your site would be through Google, or perhaps mentioned in an e-mail, so they would have a low value in this poorly thought out analogy. Basically, I was trying to say that I found your site through, but had to add something that showed a little wit. Unfortunately I didn’t quite think it through.
    *bangs head on wall and wonders what foolish thought process caused that analogy to pop into his head*

  6. Ex-C.Bloggerfeller says


  7. Welcome back, C. I harbor the illusion that Your Polypseudonymity is also the pseudonymous coauthor (“C. Banc” meaning ‘C. Joke’ in Romanian) of the anthology of Soviet-bloc humor entitled _You Call This Living?_ No denials accepted.

  8. Ex-C.Bloggerfeller says

    Imi pare rau, Joel, dar nu-i adevarat.

  9. Pacat. Si mie, imi pare rau.

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