“The Rohonc Codex (pronounced [ˈrohont͡s] in Hungarian) is a set of writings in an unknown writing system.” I take that description from the start of the linked Wikipedia article, which goes on to provide a thorough discussion of the history and features of the codex and attempts to translate it (pretty fruitless, since no one knows what language, if any, it’s written in). I ran across this gem of obscure mystery in Shii’s Best of Wikipedia page, where you will find many other interesting things in his Almanac of Wonders.


  1. michael farris says
  2. Nick Pelling’s Cipher Mysteries site has a recent item about the Rohonc Codex:

  3. I wonder why it isn’t as famous as the Voynich Manuscript?

  4. I’m going to guess that it’s a work of irreverent political history.

  5. David Marjanović says

    It just screams “practical joke”.

  6. @Laura — Nick Pelling at the above link has the same question.

  7. John Emerson says

    This is a wonderful time for me to say that I really hate Microsoft in all its works and all its ways. Go away, Microsoft Office 2007!

  8. [Note for future readers: a gentleman by the name of Microsoft Office 2007 was leaving identical genial-but-irrelevant comments in a number of threads, including this one.]

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