An interesting account by Zinovy Zinik (via Chris) of expatriate culture; I’ll have to look for this magazine:

It is called The Bell, after Herzen’s journal, but in appearance it is a cross between the New Yorker and one of those thick brochures that sit in the pocket of the seat in front of you on an aeroplane. It’s a glossy magazine with a purpose—to represent the diverse ideas of the Russian intelligentsia all over the world, unhindered by the power struggle going on inside Russia. Interestingly, it has appeared at a time when censorship has practically been abandoned in Russia as a means of coercing public opinion, except in those cases where the reputation of those in power is concerned. These instances are eliminated either by physical intimidation or self-imposed silence. So the necessity of a Bell abroad is more or less unquestionable.


  1. Curiously, there are lots of Russians living in Dublin too now. Amusingly, many of them have settled in the north Dublin village/suburb of Rush.
    I kid you not.

  2. Goodbye Murdock, hello Russian TV – for free in UK!
    Russian speaking people in the UK may like to know it is possible (from London at any
    rate) to pick-up these free-to-air(FTA) satellite stations using a Sky Minidish and following the Sky Digibox “adding channels” instructions.
    Simply swung the Sky dish about 20 degrees (from Easterly to a more Southerly direction) horizontally off the Sky 28 degrees position, although technically it should probably be around 15 degrees (28:Sky minus 13:Hotbirds). There are just two bolts to loosen using a 10mm spanner on the Sky minidish bracket. The vertical elevation remained unchanged. Each time the dish is moved slightly(towards and around the 13 degrees East “Hotbirds” satellite position) it takes a few seconds for the Digibox to try to find the signal therefore the chosen “additional” frequency has to be re-selected (using Sky remote) each time the dish is moved – until the Digibox and dish find the frequency. When the frequency is found a list of available named TV channels are listed on screen, tick and select to save the ones required.
    Safety note: Only those used to working on ladders/roofs should attempt
    to move a satellite dish. Without special line-up equipment the TV and Digibox ideally need to be in eye shot. Have your remote controls to hand.
    Your Sky TV programmes are lost whilst pointing the satellite dish to “Hotbirds” 13 East, unless a remote controlled motorised dish is used.
    Russian language stations off the “Hotbirds” satellite 13 degrees East of South:-
    RTR Planet: 11034 V 27500 3/4
    ORT-1: 11938 H 27500 3/4 (poor sound on my system at present)
    Ajara/Adjara TV (Republic of Georgia): 12245 H 27500 3/4
    Stephen Buckle

  3. I am Ukrainian, who’s studying in the UK..also I have a Bachelor Degree from Ukraine. I love my home country, but also the biggest part of my life now is in the Uk…Here is a year since I m looking for a job here…at least part time temporary…I have good education, and everyone is saying that i m wise and smart as for my age (I am 21)…but there is no luck…I know it is hard to get a work permit and I need a support in that…but nobody wants to bother which is understandable…I keep fighting but almost lost any belief in myself…is that smth wrong with me? or am I doing anything not right? I just wish to know whether I have any chances to be accepted as others without seeing a disappointment on emloyer’s face when i say I am from Ukraine…”your profile is great, but you are from Ukraine and we don’t deal with issues like that..” Pity to hear that…I wonder if they ever been there and if they saw that our people are not worse, and there is nothing I have to eb ashamed of…I am very proud to be Ukrainian!

  4. I’m sorry to hear you’re having such problems. All I can suggest is that you try not to get discouraged, and assume that your intelligence and willingness to work will be apparent to a potential employer before too long. Surely they’re not all prejudiced against Ukrainians! If you know other Ukrainians who have gotten jobs, ask them for suggestions. I wish you the best of luck.

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  6. Dear Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians in the UK! (others are welcome as well!) Let us try and keep in touch for the purposes of leisure, work, mutual assistance and friendship!
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