It’s no fun going to one’s site and seeing the “bandwidth exceeded” message; I wouldn’t feel as bad about it if it were due entirely to actual visitors, but knowing that the bandwidth eaten by both spammers and the blacklist needed to control them is pushing the site over the limit fills me with rage and I want to kick the bandicoot. (No, we don’t have a bandicoot, I just like the sound of the word: bandicoot! It’s from Telugu bantikokku: banti ‘ball’ + kokku ‘long beak,’ just to get some linguistics into this entry.) The good folks at Insider Hosting have been wonderful about these problems, but yesterday was Labor Day, so nobody was manning the defibrillators. Anyway, we’re back—resume normal banter, and a curse on all who abuse the internet for filthy lucre.

(It’s Tuesday morning, but I’m publishing it as a Memorial Day post to maintain daily continuity. I won’t let the pill-peddlers and poker-pushers take that away from me!)


  1. Damn, I thought you’d been slashdotted or something, and spammers didn’t even cross my mind, but wasn’t it Memorial Day, or have I been in a three month coma?

  2. Uh, yes, Memorial Day. I’ll fix it. These spammers get me so mad I mix the calendar up!

  3. I thought maybe this had been a time-travel entry. But that’s because we don’t have Memorial Day up here and I forgot about it.

  4. Second time in the last few days that someone’s made that surprisingly common mistake.

  5. Hat,
    Are you sure it’s not all those highly competitive search engines busily indexing your site so that more and more people will discover its treasures (as well as the value of those very same search engines)?

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