III: 2004-05
The Hazy Yon. I go Pogo.
Amherst. Herriman and Dickinson.
Opodeldoc. Who can resist a word like that?
Sharawaggi. Another excellent word.
Naglfar. Sailing the Edda seas.
Galbik, Passe-dix, Passage. In which I investigate obscure games of chance.
Divan. A complicated word, an enjoyable thread.
Q.Pheevr on ‘Butterfly.’ Another vastly entertaining thread, with input from both an annoyed Dr. Reinhold Aman, King of Curse Words, and Teju Cole, who managed to post as both elck and Abdul-Walid.


  1. Just wanted you to know how greatly I am enjoying reading in the archives. You and your commenters are so erudite and evidence such a lovely curiosity in words and languages that I can’t help but be drawn into an endless vortex of links. That is, until my sleeping seven-week old infant wakes…

  2. Thank you! And I was relieved and pleased to find that cantdocell was Catalan for ‘birdsong’ (cant d’ocell /kandu’seλ/, equivalent to French chant d’oiseau) rather than a complaint about cell phones. Congrats on finishing the PhD!

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