“Language” is, that we may understand one another. Is that so? The brilliant George Harriman, courtesy of the tireless y2karl (via MetaFilter).

Update. A link that works as of March 2014 (thanks, Anton!).


  1. the link is perfecto; To remove the chaff from the world(read the fine print):

  2. Oy gevalt. Well, the link is kaputto, so you can’t see the actual comic any more, but here’s the dialog:
    – Krazy: why is ‘lenguage’, Ignatz?
    – Ignatz: “language” is, that we may understand one another
    – is that so?
    – yes, that’s so.
    – can you unda-stend a finn or a leplender or a oshkosher; huh?
    – no.
    – can a finn, or a leplender, or a oshkosher, unda-stend you?
    – no.
    – then, I would say, lenguage is, that we may mis-unda-stend each udda.

  3. nesesito ke pongan este programa para mi en español porke se muy
    pokito ingles porfis

  4. Found a copy.

  5. Excellent, many thanks! I’ll add it to the post (and hope it lasts).

  6. Finns seem to mostly talk English these days, and as for people from Oshkosh — no problem.

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