Analyse string.

Bathrobe sent me this link with the information that if you paste in a string of symbols it will tell you what each letter is in Unicode. It also gives you other information, and if you click on “Show character notes” it will tell you, among other things, which languages use the symbol. Very cool!


  1. It’s rather useful for scripts like Traditional Mongolian because it tells you exactly what letters were typed. The input forms ‘telei’ and ‘dalai’ both appear exactly the same on the page (if your browser handles them properly) but if typed into this analyser, it will show you what letters are actually there.

    Of course, a browser that doesn’t render them properly might do the same thing but it can still be difficult to decipher ambiguous vowels, like ᠣ, ᠤ, ᠦ, and ᠥ.

    Also, I suspect, useful for alphabets like Arabic and Devanagari.

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