In this thread, Sili kindly shared this BBC Radio 3 link which has (six minutes in, after the end of a new oboe concerto by Marc-André Dalbavie) a twenty-minute talk by translator Robert Chandler on the life and work of Platonov (see this post and this post for background). It’s pleasant to hear his voice, and he has some fine quotes. And after the intermission talk, there’s a performance of Prokofiev’s Symphony No. 6, which if you’re as fond of Prokoviev as I am is an additional inducement to listen. (Available for the next five days.)


  1. Glad to be of service. I have to admit I hadn’t caught that this was the Chandler. I only recognised the Platonov part.

  2. I really appreciate learning about Platonov (and the Chandlers’ translation work). Thanks for mentioning him.

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