Margaret Jull Costa. a translator from Portuguese and Spanish, has an essay on translating Pessoa that includes an exercise with a short text in Portuguese followed by a translation with pull-down menus offering choices of various English words and phrases at various points. An ingenious method that seems like a natural for the internet. Thanks, Jeremy!


  1. Thanks for the link, LH! I’ve been reading Costa’s translations of Saramago for about half a year now, and completely in awe of her abilities. My notes on reading Saramago are here.

  2. Arthur Crown says

    She’s great. There’s an unanswered question on Wikipedia that I’m sure someone here knows: ‘Could somebody confirm whether Jull is a matronymic? When I write her name in the format “surname, given name” should it be “Jull Costa, Margaret” or “Costa, Margaret Jull”?’

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