Mikhail Viesel has done an online version of Natalya Stavrovskaya’s translation of Italo Calvino’s Le città invisibili (Invisible Cities). Although most of the site is accessible only for Russian-speakers, the explanation page is available in English: “…Invisible cities online is oriented primarily not towards representing the text per se (as in Pale Fire), nor to its studies and analysis (as Decameron Web), but towards the creation of a complete esthetical impression. In other words, it ought to be treated as an art-project: not to study Calvino’s work, but to delight in it.” Besides the intrinsic interest of the description, there are links to other, similar projects. (Via Avva.)


  1. This uncommented post seems a good place to leave a link to the BBC’s radio dramatization by Tim Crouch and Toby Jones of Italo Calvino’s If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller. It’s available for two more weeks, it lasts almost an hour and a half, and it’s well worth listening to. (Though it may help to get your bearings if you’ve read the novel. If not, you may be quite confused. Not that that’s a bad thing.)

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