We’ve had Iraqi ire; here’s Irish ire. Choose your terms and it will give you an Irish curse, with pronunciation. Example:

English: May the hounds of hell destroy your underwear.
Irish: Go scriosa cúnna ifrinn do chuid fo-éadaigh.
Phonetic: guh SHKRIH-suh KOO-nuh IHF-rin duh khwihj FO-AY-dee.

Via Out Of Ambit.

Update (Feb. 2020). Out Of Ambit was Diane Duane’s blog; I’ve substituted an archived link for the dead curse-engine one, but alas, you can’t get the curses any more, or at least I can’t.


  1. Ana mhaith ar fad.
    I’ll be using this in future.

  2. How convenient!!

  3. Do these irish curses work if said for somebody u hate and somebody who has given u pain and made u feel bad

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