Kyoto Journal is “a non-profit volunteer-based quarterly magazine established in 1986” that “offers interviews, essays, translations, humor, fiction, poetry and reviews.” Their current issue, #74, “(latest we have ever been in getting a new one out!) is a long-awaited special, on the Silk Roads, guest-edited by Leanne Ogasawara, with guest designer Kevin Foley providing some spectacular layouts and typography.” Leanne’s blog, tang dynasty times (“all the peonies of Chang’an”), “was the catalyst for this special themed issue of KJ. In posts that read as dispatches from outposts on a journey of exploration deep into the history of relations between East and West, she reflects on aspects of what a truly global culture might encompass, presenting Tang multiculturalism and Silk Road cosmopolitanism (and much, much more) as reference points for our present times.” Check out the KJ material available online (and, of course, Leanne’s excellent blog), and if you’re sufficiently impressed, you might seek out a physical copy (¥1,500, US/Can$15, Aus$20, €10). I’m getting mine free, because I contributed a review of Beckwith’s Empires of the Silk Road (see this LH post from last year, as well as the previous posts linked therein).

Update (Sept. 2018). #74 is, of course, no longer the current issue, and I have changed the link accordingly; there do not seem to be excerpts available online.


  1. Onegin has defeated better men than him. The K2 of literature. The Fermat’s Last Theorem.

  2. Leanne Ogasawara’s vision really makes a difference this time. Kyoto Journal is lucky to have people of her caliber working for them.

  3. The tangdynastytimes link needs adjusting.

  4. Wrong thread. I wondered where that damn think went.

  5. The tangdynastytimes link needs adjusting.
    Woops! Fixed, thanks.

  6. Sure would love to see that review!

  7. Lars (the original one) says

    Issue 74 is no longer the current issue, in fact the link doesn’t work any more. But it’s still available as a past issue:

  8. Thanks, I’ll add it to the post.

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