Len Pennie Explains Scots.

Len Pennie is a Scottish poet who “became known on social media in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland for her ‘Scots word of the day’ and poem videos”; she also has longer Instagram videos such as Scottish people might not know about Scots, and theres a reason! and Quite a long, rambly explanation of what’s going on! There’s probably nothing that would surprise the average Hatter, but they’re delightful and would be good introductions to the topics for your curious friends.

Similarly, Elizabeth Harris (YouTube channel) has charming videos about sign language, e.g. “What happens if you lose your arm? Like, your whole arm?”

Thanks, Sven!


  1. PlasticPaddy says

    ‘I’m no’ havin’ children, ‘am gonnae hae weans,
    And ye can ask what a cry them, no ‘what are their names’
    And they’ll be getting a piece, no a wee ‘packed lunch’
    And they’ll be haein a scran, no ‘having a munch’
    They’ll fanny aboot, they won’t waste time
    When they write their wee poyums, I’ll make sure they rhyme.

    I’m no ‘having children’, am gonna hae weans,
    Who’ll be gowpin and bealin’ when they’ve goat aches and pains
    And instead of ‘don’t worry’, a’ll say ‘dinnae fash’,
    Instead of ‘stand your ground’, ‘dinnae take any snash’

    Ma weans will be crabbit, no ‘in a bad mood’
    And they’ll greet, no ‘cry’ when their day isnae good.
    I’m no ‘having children’, am gonna hae weans,
    With a proud ancient language crammed in their wee brains

    An whenever life tells them their English is bad
    I’ll tell them the hassles that their mammy had
    And a’ll say ma maw’s words till the day that am deid
    ‘Ye’ll be alright hen, ye’ve a guid Scots tongue in yer heid.’

    Maybe when the weans are (wee) teenagers, she will write a sequel.

  2. Great stuff!

  3. A twitter commentary thread (no account necessary) on a discussion in the British Parliament about Scots language policy. I haven’t listened to it, but the quotes from the discussants are spot-on, every one.

  4. David Eddyshaw says

    On the language/dialect question:

    “If ye dinnae think it’s a language, I’m no buthered.”

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