Teresa Dowlatshahi has a new comic using words in foreign languages that sound like English ones; today’s installment, for example, describes the Lardil word weel as meaning ‘big clouds (that come out of the east in the summer)’ and shows several whale-shaped clouds floating over a landscape. Fun.

Update (Mar. 2024). The comic lasted a few years; the original link is dead (I provided an archived one), but the whole run is available here.


  1. Excellent fun. Hope there will be t-shirts!

  2. This comic is so stupid it sickens me. I was just looking at comics randomly at ucomics and I think I hate it. Some pictures are drawn using the english definition, some are drawn using the foreign definition, while some are drawn with both. Despite this glaringy inconsistency there is one thing that they all have in common; not a single one is funny.

  3. Ditto to Vance.

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