She stole ma hat
    ma hat . was in the lounge with ma jacket
The jacket she dint take it, but
         ma hat, she tukkit, clean
         outa the place . she liked
ma hat . & went with it to the room & danced,
     DANCED with it, wearin the hat she
danced, and dint expect I’d cum back ferit . ah did .
      Pretended I hadn’t figured it out
      talkin with her friend . I’d figured
            she laiked ma hat .
Next mornin, nobuddy up, both of ’em sleepin late .
             “Come in”
                             I did, & there it was,
ma hat
on the bed . She’d bigod
                                  slept with ma hat!
Paul Blackburn


  1. I wanted to post a Blackburn poem just because he’s a favorite of mine, but when I ran across this one…. well, it was obviously fate.

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