Two from Trevor.

That wonderful Irish poet and link-provider Trevor Joyce (see this post from a few years back) has been providing links, and here are a couple you may enjoy.

1) William Costa on languages in Paraguay in the Guardian: “The Paraguayan Guaraní language is a rare regional success story. But its own popularity is a problem for smaller languages.”

2) Eddie Moroney doing sports commentary in a South Tipperary accent so thick you could do somersaults on it. What is goin’ on? At all?

Thanks, Trevor!


  1. Eddie in a calm mood is hardly easier going, and the interviewer makes me sweat, too.

  2. Other than the mediocre audio quality and the screaming I didn’t think Moroney’s accent was hard to understand. Certainly easier for me to understand than a strong Cork accent. Plus Moroney is mostly using a fairly limited range of sport terminology in that clip.

  3. sports commentary, and more, with technical details around 2:45.

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