By which I mean frequenters of LH:
1) John Emerson is selling a bunch of Chinese and Buddhist books:

The majority of these books are excellent books which were part of reading projects I’ll never get to. A considerable proportion were bought in Taiwan in 1983, and the rest were bought since then. Some of the English language books are cheap Taiwan pirate editions. […] These books are priced to sell. With a few exceptions I have priced them at 75% or so of the cheapest price I can find on The high-priced books listed are still as cheap as you can get them.

2) Jeremy Osner is selling his own poetry: “I have gone ahead and self-published a chapbook of my poetry […]: the book is on Amazon for a nominal fee if you’d like to drop a Tommy J. and read it on your kindle[…]; if you prefer to read on the computer or print it out (30 pp), you can download the pdf of it for free by clicking Analogies for Time.

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