The NY Times today has an article by Jim Yardley about an impressive young woman named Sabriye Tenberken who has moved to Tibet and founded a school for blind Tibetan children. In order to do this, she had to create the first Tibetan Braille system, which led to her founding Braille Without Borders (you can read about the Tibetan program and see a sample of the Braille here), and she is planning to open a second program in northern India. Ms. Tenberken is herself blind, which of course makes her interest in the subject understandable but must add to the already considerable difficulties of getting a program like that going in Tibet; she rides around the rugged landscape on a horse and teaches the children she works with to be as independent as possible (one of them “is making plans to become a massage therapist, while her twin brothers, both blind, want to open a teahouse”).

A blind child, she notes, will never be able to drive a truck. “But they can read and write in the dark,” she said. “And who can do that?”

(Thanks to Bonnie for the link.)


  1. Being brave and empowered is a timeless state. Thankfully.
    Another book about courage which you might like is a new book, “The Queen of Peace Room”. It’s author is Magie Dominic. I think you might be interested in it.

  2. Mrs Chris McMillan says

    for Bonnie et al: details of the paperback version of Sabriye Tengerken’s book. (Hope to get my hands on this in the UK)!

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