This page from the FAQ of a site devoted to the movie Blade Runner has a detailed analysis of the multilingual “Cityspeak” (“a mixture of words and expressions from Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Hungarian and Japanese”) used in the movie. Sample:

Gaff: Monsieur, azonnal kövessen engem bitte. [French-Hungarian-German: “Sir, follow me immediately please!” (Thanks to eMU for translating the Hungarian part:- “azonnal” – means immediately; “kövessen” – means follow imperative; “engem” – means me. And of course “Monsieur” is French for Sir and “bitte” is German for please.)]


  1. Wow! I’d read that Olmos had come up with most of the Cityspeak in my “Future Noir: The Making of Bladerunner” book, but it had no translations. ((falls in love with Olmos))

    Mr Olmos has some Hungarian Jewish background

    I KNEW it!

  2. I saw Blade Runner before I started learning Hungarian, and an American friend has been telling me for years there is some Hung in it. So he’s right!

  3. Big happy smile.

  4. There’s supposed to be a new Blade Runner DVD on its way (the release date has not been announced), which will most likely include both a new, "real" director’s cut and the original work print. I thought you lot might be as interested as I am 🙂

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