Languagehat is the #2 hit for a Google search on Gangs of New York Gaelic language. This did not surprise me; what did surprise me, and very much please me, was that the page with the search results was in Irish! “Cuardaíodh an gréasán le haghaidh Gangs of New York Gaelic language. Torthaí 1 – 10 as timpeall 319. Mhair an cuardach 0.24 soicind.” Love that Google… (And may I take this opportunity to express my relief that people seem to have finally stopped looking for “nvde R0manian g&mnasts,” which looked like it might one day replace “Charlie Ravioli” as my all-time referral king.)


  1. I no longer fret about inappropriate(?) searches, now that my referral log is dominated by pseudo links from pseudo sites (I guess they snap up lapsed domains) which in turn relay to sites devoted to combinations of 5 items from a set of 52. They are the anti Charlie Ravioli: they play at being my friend, though I have no time for them.

  2. Yes, I’ve suddenly started getting those too. I don’t know what to do about them, but I guess they do no harm.

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