Anyone who, like me, has been inspired and energized by Shelley’s consistently excellent writing and thinking over at Burningbird should be aware that she’s in danger of losing her forum, her microphone, her virtual voice. Jonathon Delacour has set up a PayPal fund for her; you can click on the button below or go to his site if you want to contribute. Burn on, Shelley!

Update. The campaign has been very successful, and Jonathon has removed the PayPal button and asked others to do likewise. I’d like to join him and Shelley in thanking anyone who contributed to the fund; it’s heartening to see the oft-derided “internet community” act as a community. Kudos all around.

(You all do know that kudos is a singular, right? Don’t voice that final -s!)


  1. What a lovely tribute – to try to raise money for someone else so they can keep writing. I’m impressed.

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words and posting the link to the fund. And also thanks for stopping by with your excellent comments! More, more.

  3. My pleasure, Shelley. You’re a national treasure (and by “national” I mean “of the nation of Upper Blogovia”).

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