My wife discovered Edmund Hogan’s 1910 Onomasticon Goedelicum: locorum et tribuum Hiberniae et Scotiae: an index, with identifications, to the Gaelic names of places and tribes online and of course shared it with me; I poked around and discovered it was posted by the Locus project, which aims “to produce a new Historical Dictionary of Irish placenames and tribal names to replace Fr Edmund Hogan’s Onomasticon Goedelicum.” (They “would like to appeal to anyone who has new or additional information on any placename, whether cited by Hogan or not, to make this information available.”) And from their list of links I got to the Scottish Place-Name Society, which “exists for the support of all aspects of toponymic studies in Scotland, and in particular the work of the Scottish Place-Name Database at the University of St. Andrews and the University of Edinburgh.” Two worthy projects, and this lover of place names wishes them well.

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