I regret to report that Robert Creeley died this morning; I found out via Steve Silberman‘s MeFi post. I’ll quote the poem that made such an impression on me when I first read it that I had to buy his Selected Poems:


As I was walking
  I came upon
chance walking
  the same road upon.

As I sat down
  by chance to move
  if and as I might,

light the wood was,
  light and green,
and what I saw
  before I had not seen.

It was a lady
by goat men
  leading her.

Her hair held earth.
  Her eyes were dark.
A double flute
  made her move.

“O love,
  where are you
  me now?”

I expect wood s lot will have a memorial selection of links; look for it.


  1. Oh, damn.

  2. His Day Book were riffs beyond the standand Billy Collins easy. Yet they were…easy. Robert Creeley has always been true to his work. No wonder I have to search to find the news of his death.
    Dig it! and Onward!

  3. I miss him too. Memoriam at my blog Crackpot Chronicles
    comments welcome

  4. I envy you your memories of him.

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